The aim of conducting INCA-NATIONAL MAP QUIZ is to improve upon the map consciousness/awareness of student community especially at school levels. This is in line with the increasing importance and necessity of Geographical/Spatial information in all walks of life.


The INCA-National Map Quiz will be conducted at two levels – Preliminary and Final. The preliminary competition shall be conducted by all INCA Branches within their areas of operations. The final competition will be held at National level by the INCA Headquarters.

Eligibility of Competition

All students of Classes 8th, 9th and 10th of recognized schools falling within the areas of operation of a concerned Branch shall be eligible to appear in the preliminary examination held by the respective INCA Branch. The competition will be based on team basis comprising a maximum of 3 students in each team. Maximum of 10% of the most successful teams at preliminary level of each Branch shall be eligible to appear at National level. In case of more number of participating teams, the competition could be held at 3 levels – first at school level itself, second at Branch level wherein 10% of best teams at School level will take part and thereafter thirdly at National level where 10% of the best teams at Branch level will take part.

Syllabus for Quiz

The main concept in setting quiz questions shall be to test the ability of students in reading and understanding of various types of information appearing on Maps, Charts, Aerial Photographs and Imageries of various kinds. The Maps and Charts may be on different scales and different map projections of Geodetic, Topographic, Geographic, Engineering, Hydrographic/Weather/any other thematic and cadastral nature. The questions may pertain to interpretation/analysis of distances, bearing, area, 3-D Co-ordinates, Correlations between objects appearing on Maps, Charts, Aerial Photographs and Imageries.


Date Of Test

The preliminary test will be held generally during 1st week of August and the final test during the 2nd week of October/November every year. The time schedule will be announced by INCA Headquarters every year by March end/April.

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee @ maximum of Rs. 75/- per student, will be charged at the time of submission of the application form for preliminary test. However, the rate of entrance fee may be modified, from time to time, by the Executive Committee of INCA.

Conduct Of Test

A Sub-committee on INCA-National Map Quiz comprising at least three members to be nominated by the Executive Committee every year, will be responsible for the overall conduct of final test. The names of paper setters will be known only to this Sub-committee. Papers will be set by this Committee for final test at National level.
The preliminary test shall be conducted in all Branches. The requisite number of question papers for each Branch shall be prepared by the concerned Chairman/Secretary of Branches. The entire responsibility of conduct of preliminary test, evaluation of answer papers and announcement of result rests with the Chairman/Secretary of the concerned Branch. The list of participating teams at National level will be forwarded to the Chairman, Sub-committee, INCA-National Map Quiz by 1st week of September every year.
Sub-committee of INCA-National Map Quiz will forward the requisite number of question papers for Final Test to the Chairman/Secretary of each Branch so as to reach them in time before the scheduled date of final test. The direct responsibility of conducting the final test will rest with the Chairman/Secretary of the concerned Branch of INCA. However, an observer, nominated by the Executive Committee for each Branch, will be present during the conduct of Final Test and the question papers will be opened in his presence on the day of Final Test.
The answer sheets will be sealed in the presence of the nominated observer and despatched to the Sub-committee of INCA-National Map Quiz immediately by the concerned Chairman/Secretary of the Branch on the same day or the next day for evaluation and preparation of final results

Certificates of Participation

Certificate of Participation will be issued to each candidate by the respective Chairman/Secretary of INCA Branch.


Prizes and Certificates of Merit at preliminary test will be awarded by the concerned Branch.
The Prizes and Certificates of Merit at National Level will be awarded during the Annual INCA Congress.
In case of tie among Branches, best second and best third team will be selected and upto five teams will be invited at the Venue of the Congress for receiving prizes. If the number of winners exceed five then the prizes would be sent to the Branches for distribution.