Volume Proceedings Location/Year Subject Cost
Vol I Proceedings  of  1st Inca Congress Hyderabad – 1979 New Trends in Cartography Rs.100/-
Vol II Proceedings of   IInd Inca Congress Pune – 1980 Maps as Tools of Analysis and Communications Rs.100/-
Vol III Proceedings of   IIIth Inca Congress Kolkata – 1981 Thematic Mapping & Surveying Problems – Trends & Techniques Rs.100/-
Vol IV Proceedings of   IVth Inca Congress Chennai – 1982 Map Makers & Users Rs.100/-
Vol V Proceedings of Vth Inca Congress Srinagar – 1985 Cartography in National Planning Rs.100/-
Vol VI Proceedings of VIth Inca Congress Trivandrum – 1986 Cartography in Environment Planning Rs.100/-
Vol VII Proceedings of VIIth Inca Congress Ahmedabad – 1987 Satellite Images in Cartographic Applications Rs.100/-
Vol VIII Proceedings of VIIIth Inca Congress Mysore – 1988 Cartography & Planning Rs.100/-
Vol IX Proceedings of   IXth Inca Congress Dehra Dun – 1989 Digital Cartography & Potential Users Rs.300/-
Vol X Proceedings of Xth Inca Congress Trivandrum – 1990 Advances in Cartography Rs.450/-
Vol XI Proceedings of XIth Inca Congress Hyderabad – 1991 Cartography Geo-Information System for Planning Rs.450/-
Vol XII Proceedings of XIIth Inca Congress New Delhi – 1992 Mapping of Environment & Sustainable Development Rs.450/-
Vol XIII Proceedings of XIIIth Inca Congress Dehra Dun – 1993 Cartography – The Technological Transition Rs.450/-
Vol XIV Proceedings of XIVth Inca Congress Bangalore – 1994 Mapping from Space-Cartography Challenges Rs.450/-
Vol XV Proceedings of XVth Inca Congress Indore – 1995 Cartography-Emerging Technologies and Alliances Rs.450/-
Vol XVI Proceedings of XVIth Inca Congress New Delhi – 1996 Carto Vision 2000 – Earth Resources Management Rs.450/-
Vol XVII Proceedings of XVIIth Inca Congress Dehra Dun – 1997 Cartography & Administration Rs.450/-
Vol XVIII Proceedings of XVIIIth Inca Congress Kolkata – 1998 Cartography in Action Rs.450/-
Vol XIX Proceedings of XIXth Inca Congress Goa – 1999 Modern Cartography for Ocean & Land Management Rs.450/-
Vol XX Proceedings of XXth Inca Congress Dehra Dun – 2000 Cartographic Challenges At The Dawn of the New Millennium Rs.500/-
*Vol XXI Proceedings of XXIth Inca Congress Hyderabad – 2001 Cartography  &                  E-Governance * Rs.500/-
*Vol XXII Proceedings of XXIIth Inca Congress Ahmedabad – 2002 Convergence Of Imagery, Information & Maps * Rs.1250/-
*Vol XXIII Proceedings of XXIIIrd Inca Congress Dehra Dun – 2003 Cartography for Sustainable Development from village level upwards* Rs.1000/-
*Vol XXIV Proceedings of XXIVth Inca Congress Kolkata- 2004 Cartographic Technologies for Water, Land & Infrastructure Development.* Rs.1300/-
*Vol XXV Proceedings of XXVth Inca Congress Sagar – 2005 Bridging the Digital Devide and taking Crtography at Grass roots Level Rs.1200/-
*Vol XXVI Proceedings of XXVIth Inca Congress Delhi – 2006 Cartography Expanding Horizon Rs.1300/-
*Vol XXVII Proceedings of XXVIIth Inca Congress Visakhapatnam – 2007 Cartography for Costal Management Rs.
*Vol XXVII I Proceedings of XXVIIIth Inca Congress Gandhinagar – 2008 Collaborative mapping and space technology Rs.
*Vol XXIX Proceedings of XXIX Inca Congress Kolkata 2009 Technological Solutions in Urban & Regional Mapping Rs.
*Vol XXX Proceedings of XXX Inca Congress Dehradun 2010 Cartography for Sustainable Environment Rs.
*Vol XXXI Proceedings of XXXI Inca Congress Chandigarh 2011 Cartography for Disaster Management Rs.