INCA National Map Quiz 2019


  1. Objective : The objective of this programme is to create awareness about maps among student community.
  2. Eligibility : The Quiz is open to the students of 8th, 9th. 10th classes. Each team will consist of three students either from the same class or from different classes of the same school.
  3. Centre : Any school with 15 or more teams will be treated a Centre for conducting the Quiz. Schools with less than 15 teams will attach their teams with other schools on their mutual understanding.
  4. Entry Fee : Entry Fee per team will not exceed Rs.75/-
  5. Co-ordinator : Each school may be requested to nominate a Co-ordinator and inform the State Level Convener. The State Level Convener will be decided by Chairman. The Co-ordinator will register the names of the participating teams and remit the participating fee to the Convener/authorized representative. The Co-ordinator of each Centre may be paid an honorarium from the resources of the Branch.
  6. No. of teams : There is no restriction in the number of teams from a school. The school with largest participation may be given a special award by the concerned Branches.
  7. No. of teams for the final test : The top 10% of the teams participating in the preliminary round will be finally selected for appearing at state level test. The top 10% of the state level participants will be selected for appearing for the final National Map Quiz. The preliminary and state level map quiz test will be completely the responsibility of state branches including setting of question papers, conducting the test, evaluation and declaration of result. The number of teams appearing for the finals may be intimated to INCA Headquarters, immediately after the conduct of the preliminaries so that the required number of question papers for printing are known.
    1. Each participating team will be given a question paper along with a printed map/charts. The question will be related to the map/chart/aerial photographs and in addition there will be some questions related to Geography, Satellite imageries. Thematic Maps of NATMO and digital maps.
    2. The question paper will be on the same pattern as in 2018. Branches are, therefore, advised to follow the same pattern in their preliminaries.
    3. The test will be for 90 minutes duration.
  8. Supply of question Papers for the Finals: The Question papers for the finals will be supplied in sealed Envelope by INCA Headquarters. The envelope containing the question papers will be opened only 10 minutes before the commencement of the test in the presence of the Observer and examinees inside the Examination Hall.
  9. Sealing and Dispatch of Answer sheets: The answer paper will be sealed in the examination hall itself in the presence of Observer and will be dispatched to the Secretary General, INCA on the same day or the next day latest by Speed Post
  10. Evaluation and Intimation of Results: The Answer Sheets will be evaluated by the Committee at the INCA Headquarters, and the concerned Branches will be intimated of details of teams securing the first three positions. The results will also be sent to other branches by normal post. As such no query need be made with INCA Headquarters regarding the results.
  11. Award of Prizes : The first three winning teams will be invited to DEHRADUN, the venue of 39th INCA International Congress. The prizes will be awarded to them during the Inaugural Function of the Congress. If the number of winning teams exceeds five, then the prizes will be sent to the Branches.
  12. T.A. to the teams: T.A. to the prize winning teams with one accompanying teacher per team will be paid by the Organizers of the Congress. The amount of T.A. will be restricted to TWO AC Class Charges from the location of the concerned Branches to DEHRADUN and back. Further, their accommodation will also be arranged by the Organizers of the Congress and they will be treated as guests on the Inaugural day of the Congress.


Notification of Map Quiz. February, 2019.
Completion of Preliminary Quiz by the Branches. June/July/ 2019
Intimation from Branches about No. of best teams selected by them for Finals. 1st August, 2019
Dispatch of Question Papers of Finals to the Branches. 13th August, 2019.
Final Test. 25th August, 2019.
Date of forwarding the Answer Sheet to INCA HQ. 26th August, 2019.
Intimation to winning teams. 16th September, 2019.
Intimation of Results to all Branches. 18th September, 2019
Distribution of Prizes to winning teams. Last week of October/ First week of November, 2019.