Founded on 7th August, 1979 at Hyderabad, the Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA) has evolved into one of the biggest organizations of its kind in the world. From a modest beginning with 79 members on its role initially, today it is a professional body with around 3000 Life Members and 84 Institutional Life Members. It has Branches functioning at Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Chandigarh, Dehra Dun, Delhi, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Indore, Jodhpur, Kerala, Orissa and Tamilnadu.

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In order to achieve the above objectives, INCA organizes several programmes. It has so far conducted Twenty five National / International conferences at various places in India. These conferences are attended by experts from not only India but also from other countries. The conference provides an ideal platform for interaction among Professionals, Academicians, Scientists and Industrialists engaged in cartographic activities, presentation of their work and discussing important issues concerning Cartographic profession.

A technical exhibition along with a vendor presentation held along with the congress provides an ideal platform for the industry to display their state of art equipment and an opportunity to the delegates to get a glimpse into the technological developments in the field of Cartography.

Technical lectures, as a part of the Todar Mal Memorial Lecture Series and S.P.Chatterjee Memorial Lecture Series are delivered by eminent persons during the Annual Congress. A GIS Workshop is organised by INCA every year for Professionals from Universities and Research Organisations. This workshop affords an opportunity for University Teachers and Scientists to get an insight of the latest technology in GIS.

The INCA in association with its Branches also conducts an Annual Map Quiz Program for school children, “INCA-National Map Quiz” (formerly called Geo Map Quiz), consists of both Indoor & Outdoor Map reading exercises, and is looked forward by both school teachers and students and has become one of the most prestigious program among the school children across the country. Thousands of children from various schools all over the country participate in the Map Quiz Program which has gained immense popularity over the years. The Association publishes its in-house journal named “Indian Cartographer” which is a compilation of technical papers presented at the annual conference. These papers have earned wide acclaim for their high academic and professional standards. A news letter, highlighting the main activities, is also brought out annually.

Aims And Objectives

  • To foster cartographic research in the country.
  • To co-operate with professional organizations of cognate disciplines and to promote academic interaction within an inter-disciplinary frame.
  • To co-operate with international organizations with similar objectives.
  • To improve the teaching of cartography at all levels.
  • To foster co-operation between Government and Quasi-Government organizations, Research Institutions for the advancement of cartography.
  • To hold a National Cartographic Conference, ordinarily, once in a year,and
  • Generally, to take such measures as may help to secure for cartography its legitimate place in national life and to strengthen among cartographers a sense of national responsibility and professional efficiency.

INCA Conferences

1979 Hyderabad New Trends in Cartography Maj. Gen. K.L. Khosla
1980 Pune Maps as Tools of Analysis & Communication Maj. Gen. K.L. Khosla
1981 Calcutta Thematic Mapping and Surveying : Problems, Trends & Techniques Prof. S. Manzoor Alam
1982 Madras Map Makers & Users Prof. S.P. Dasgupta
1985 Srinagar Cartography in National Planning Brig. M.M. Datta
1986 Trivandrum Cartography in Environmental Planning Prof. A. Ramesh
1987 Ahmedabad Satellite Images in Cartographic Applications. Lt. Col. (Dr.) L.R.A. Narayana
1988 Mysore Cartography and Planning Prof. P.D. Mahadev
1989 Dehra Dun Digital Cartography and Potential Users Maj. Gen. S.M. Chadha
1990 Bombay Advances in Cartography Prof. B. Arunachalam
1991 Hyderabad Cartography and Geo-Information System for Planning Prof. B.L. Deekshatulu
1992 New Delhi Mapping of Environment and Sustainable Development Prof. Majid Husain
1993 Dehra Dun Cartography-The Technological Transition Maj. Gen. D.P. Gupta
1994 Bangalore Mapping from Space- Cartographic Challenges Sh. A.K.S. Gopalan
1995 Indore Cartography- Emerging Technologies and Alliances Sh. B.M.L. Sharma
1996 New Delhi Carto-Vision 2001- Earth Resources Management Lt. Gen. S.P. Mehta
1997 Chandigarh Cartography and Administration Prof. Gopal Krishan
1998 Calcutta Cartography in Action Dr. P. Nag
1999 Goa Modern Cartography for Ocean and Land Management Rear Admiral K.R.Sirinivasan
2000 Dehra Dun Cartographic Challenges at the Dawn of New Millenium Lt. Gen. A.K. Ahuja
2001 Hyderabad Cartography & E-Governance Prof. Afzal Mohammad
2002 Ahmedabad Convergence of Imagery, Information and Maps Sh. A.R. Dasgupta
2003 Dehradun Cartography for Sustainable Development from village level upwards Maj Gen (Dr) B.C.Roy
2004 Kolkata Cartographic Technologies for Water, Land & Infrastructure Development Sh G.N.Saha
2005 Sagar Bridging the Digital divide, and taking Cartography to Grassroots level Dr.J.L.Jain
2006 New Delhi Cartography Expanding Horizons Maj. Gen. Gopal Rao
2007 Visakhapatnam Cartography for Costal Management Rear Admiral B.R. Rao
2008 Gandhinagar Collaborative Mapping and Space Technology Dr P. K. Srivastava
2009 Salt Lake Kolkata Technological Solutions in Urban & Regional Mapping Shri. A.K. Malik
2010 Dehradun Cartography for Sustainable Environment Maj. Gen.Manoj Tayal
2011 Chandigarh Cartography for Disaster Management Prof. Suryakant
2012 Dehradun Cartography for Sustainable Earth Resource Management Rear Admiral S.K.Jha
2013 Jodhpur Integrated Decentralize Planning: Geospatial thinking,ICT and Good Governance Dr. V.K.Dadhwal
2014 Hyderabad
2015 New Delhi Spatial Governance for Development,Planning Smart Cities and Disaster Management Prof. (Dr.) Anuradha Banerjee
2016 Shantiniketan Cartography for Analysis and Management of Climate Change Prof.(Dr.) V.C.Jha
2017 Dehradun Geoinformatics for Carto-diversity and its Management Vice Admiral V.Badhwar
2018 Hyderabad Emerging Technologies in Cartography V Raghu Venkataraman
Director ADRIN
2019 Dehradun New Age Cartography and Geospatial Ttechnology in Digital India Lt Gen. Girish Kumar
2020 Kolkata Digital Mapping Innovations in Make India Initiatives Dr Tapti Banerjee
2021 Chandigarh Cartography for Self-Reliant India Prof. Krishan Mohan
2022 Dehradun Digital Cartography To Harness Blue Economy Vice Admiral Adhir
Arora, NHO
2023 Jodhpur Emerging Trends in Digital Cartography for Sustainable Ecosystem and Geospatial Economy Dr. Prakash Chauhan,