Mumbai Chapter INCA Initiatives

Today , 14 th Feb 2019 was celebrated a great day as we had a decennial celebration of INCA  Mumbai Chapter & Ruparel college  of  Intercollegiate Geography and environment map Quiz 2019 .

It was a great success, making Geography and Cartography, a very much popular subject with degree students of Mumbai.

About 15 Colleges each with two teams students participated and Eliminated in Four round where oral, riddles, picture and monuments all were included to identify geographical locations, events etc.

Young budding Geographers enjoyed both CARTOGRAPHIC day and Valentine day with

Trophies, cash prize and certificates , small gift &meal .

Dr. Savismita H.O.D. Mumbai University was our chief guest, enlightened and gave useful knowledge regarding importance of the  subject in present scenario as GPS ,Globalisation. Dr. Dipti, President INCA, Mumbai talked all  about Cartography and its uses. Madam Kadam from Musjid bunder college, Ms. Kirti from Sathey college   graced the occasion.

Dr.Deepali Bhide , Mr. Shekhar,Principal, Management  ,team of volunteer Students, congrats and thank you very much. It’s your efforts and enthusiasm INCA has a permanent event in your esteem college.

Kudos to all,

A lovely educative event with meaningful objective we had.


A Report from

Premlata Singhi , Secretary INCA Mumbai Branch


(24 march) celebrated as  Geographic and Environment map Quiz,’19.

                          Young buddy geographers, listening carefully and Struggling to remain in top three

President Mumbai Chapter Dr.Dipti Mukherji

Ruparel + INCA

At work ,volunteers..

Dr.Savitsmita Vilasrao Chawan H.O.D.dept of Geography, addressing the young Geographers.

Ruparel College entrance


A Report from

Premlata Singhi , Secretary INCA Mumbai Branch