S. P. Dnyanasadhana college, Thane and INCA organised Inter collegiate competition for FY B.Com students
On 8 the Feb 2019, Mumbai Chapter INCA and Dnyansadhana college conducted wonderfully the Geography and environment Map Quiz competition.

13 Colleges ,with two participants each participated ,in Map Quiz  on 8 the Feb 2019.

Result of the competition
1. Yukta shinde – Dnyanasadhana

2. Varsha Kamble – K.S.Manjunatha College

3. Shaikh Yabaddal -N.R. Swami college of Commerce & Economics.

All busy solving

The first page of quiz

Good going with mapwork..

Smile speaks a lot..

World map head scratching

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’, stands, Bharati and Nalini….supervising…

Signature to karana padta hai..


Dr.Savitsmita Vilasrao Chawan ,H.O.D. of Dept of Geography,Mumbai University addressing young budding businessman.Sanjyot Deuskar madam next to Premlata Singhi ,INCA Mumbai Secretary.

College Secretary Me.Pradhan assured to have this event every year

Awarding is must

Trophy given to first winner..

Mentors certificate

Friends , INCA & I can call it a day.Dnyasadhana college team did the event wonderfully grand with all human touch and off course with utmost fairness.I loved the volunteer team the most. Sanjyot dear with smiling face handled the whole event systematically. i could see their college secretary Pradhan so confident of her work. Three cheers dear to you and your colleague who helped you with every minute help.Different
College participants looked happy and looking forward for next year , for same event. Sanjyot ,how can you stop the torch you ignited ?
I am greatful to you for starting this for B.com and also in central part of Mumbai.
With above all discussion to and fro, i understands things come to rest with logic.
Kudos to all who were part of it.

Heartiest congratulations to Premlata Singhi madam, Sanjyot Deuskar madam, Nalini madam, Mrunal Bakane madam and great motivator Bharati Unni madam for making this first event open to commerce Environmental Studies students an actively participative map competition. INCA Mumbai chapter with Premlata madam as secretary has kept it most vibrant through various innovative competitions involving school children, physically challenged children and college students. Special thanks need to be given to the management of Hon.Satish Pradhan Dhyansadhana College for giving their wholehearted consent and support to their faculty sanjyot madam to organise this event. The General Secretary of the trust hon.Kamlesh Pradhan motivated students by his very encouraging and appreciating speech at this programme by his humble presence. Ofcourse the participants from various colleges and their teachers role is invaluable in making such events successful. The entire faculty and student volunteers involved in this event have really given their best. Being an INCA life member I am indeed obliged and pleased to get associated with this programme as chief guest. Thank you very much premlata and sanjyot madam for giving me this platform to share my views. Ofcourse the most important aspect is INCA has really provided a great platform to the academicians and youth of our nation to give in their best with confidence. Thank you everyone. 👏🏻 Dr. Savitsmita Vilasrao Chawan Professor and Head Dept of Geography University of Mumbai